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How to Build a Peanut Roaster Machine

Posted on March 1, 2012 by admin Comment(Published for 4438 days)

The peanut roaster machine is a rotating drum that is manually operated and heated externally. The machine is similar to the bakery oven and is normally stored in a clay and brick construction. The best thing with this machine is that it is easy to use and required no technology. The machine does not use kerosene or gas but uses alternative sources of energy such as peanut shell, sawdust or paddy husk. Because of this characteristic, the roaster machine is low as the fuel is readily available. Even though the peanuts shells are readily available, it is not the best source of fuel to sue as it is not recycled and can be frustrating when trying to dispose it.
Peanut Roaster Machine
When using the peanut roaster machine, the time it takes for the machine to roast the peanut is dependent on the quantity of peanut. For example, it takes about thirty minutes for 30 kg of peanuts to roast. Besides roasting peanuts, the machine can also be used to roast coffee, chilli, condiments, herbs and other seeds.

The benefit of using this machine is that the user has control over the machine in terms of timing. In addition, the peanuts are roasted equally because of the rotating machine that it used.

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