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The various processes in a peanut company

Posted on May 28, 2012 by admin Comment(Published for 4431 days)
peanut company

peanut company

A peanut company is usually a bee-hive of activities and an individual who is not familiar with what happens at each station could easily go nuts. There are various processes that are applied to a peanut after it has been harvested. First, the peanuts are dried in order to make certain that they do not go bad. They are then stored in different silos depending on their criteria. When the time to use them comes, they are shelled and graded

After this, the process of blanching is applied on the peanuts which involves passing the peanut kernels through a drying oven which is not meant to cook them but to prepare them for the process of skin removal. They are then blanched and moved to the sorting section where a laser sorting machine removes discoloured kernels as well as any foreign materials. Human quality control also plays a huge role in this phase as staff members also inspect the kernels to ensure that good quality is maintained.

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Nothing is usually disposed off in a peanut company as the shell is used as stock feed or mulch in gardens and the peanuts that are used to make crude oil leave behind Meal 42 which is used in making animal feed, compos for mushrooms and stock feed. It is all the process in a peanut company that are responsible for the tasty peanuts as well as the crude oil and animal feed that we use.

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