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New Technology for Peanut Dehulling Process

Posted on March 22, 2013 by admin Comment(Published for 4052 days)

The same as other machines development, the new technologies for peanut machine are first realized in the labs, then some of them are mature enough to be put into small production, when the technology is tested to be economical, it will be promoted into the whole industry. Not every technology has the potential to do that, but there is no harm for us the do the research and talk about it.

For peanut dehulling machine, the rubbing method, impact method and other familiar method will not be mentioned, the following are the methods currently existed only in the lab:

  1. Pressure expansion method: the theory is like this, add extra air into the peanut shell first for a while, when the gas pressure in and out of the shell comes to a balance, release the pressure out of the shell in a sudden, the higher pressure gas inside of the shell will be able to broken the shell, thus the kernel and the shell are separated. The main factors are: the pressure control when adding gas; the water content of the kernel, etc.
  2. Vacuum method: put the peanuts into the vacuum peanut shell removing machine, in the vacuum environment, heat the peanut to a certain temperature, with the vacuum machine working, the peanut shell temperature will rise, the water content will be steamed away, the tenacity and the hardness is lowered, as the vacuum environment creates the lower pressure, the peanut shell will be broken at certain point.
  3. Laser method: use laser to cut the peanut shell one by one, the test shows that complete kernel rate can be achieved in this method, the disadvantages of high expense and low efficiency make it impossible to be promoted.
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