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Blanched Peanut Machine Guide

Posted on April 25, 2012 by admin Comment(Published for 4464 days)

The blanched peanut machine incorporates progressive technology in the roasting of peanuts. A small machine offers the benefits of a compact construction, reduced noise level, better efficiency& decorticating ratio, and easy operation and maintenance. This machine is suitable for small scale farmers and enterprises.
Blanched Peanut Machine
Functioning of the machine

Blanching is the process of removing the red skin that covers kernels. Regardless of the kind of peanut blanching, the kernels have to go through warm air for quite some time so as to loosen the outer skin. Thereafter, the kernels are passed through a blanching machine where huge rollers rub the kernels to peel of the skin. Next, the kernels are checked with sorters to make sure the blanching is done to the required level.
Blanched Peanut Machine Guide
Depending with the make or design of the blanched peanut machine, one can combine their machine with other units so as to increase their capacity. Also, since the capacity of a blanching machine varies per hour, it is advisable to check the specifications on production, power consumption, and utility. If you order it directly from a supplier, make sure that it is in working order and that it meets the capacity and production requirements that you want for your enterprise. Most suppliers would be glad to help you with the technical aspect specifically installation. Therefore, you should not worry about using this machine.

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